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Our Fishing Trips

  • Fishing in the Charleston area is good all year round but as in any place in the world, there are better times to catch them than others. We at The Reel Deal Charters take great pride in ensuring you have a productive and enjoyable experience. Our staff are skilled professionals and can teach you all the tricks of the trade. Fishing is more than putting a piece of bait in the water. Depth, structure, water temperature, barometric pressure and bottom composition are just some of the factors taken into consideration when fishing for a specific species. We promote catch and release of all fish but have no problem with you keeping the catch for a nice dinner. All South Carolina Department Natural Resources and federal regulations are strictly adhered to.
  • All boats are fully equipped with the latest electronics and tackle to ensure a great day of fishing in the Charleston area. All licenses, baits (live, cut, or artificial) and tackle are included in the price of our charters.
  • We now offer fish replicas being made of your catch, if you have a fish that you would like replicated just let the captain know so that they can get accurate measurements, weight and some great photos. The taxidermist will create the exact replica of your caught fish. If you had to by law or wanted to put that once in a lifetime catch back into the water, this service will allow you to hang that fish on your wall for a lifetime of memories.
  • If you catch some “keeper” size fish and would like to eat them, please let us know. We partner with a couple of local restaurants that we can send you to, and they will prepare your catch for you!


From the serious angler who wants to target the monster reds, flounder, trout, sheepshead or shark, to the small child that has never caught a fish, The Reel Deal Charters offers something for everyone. Your experience and capabilities will be discussed with our experienced staff to determine what best meets your expectations. Most of the inshore fishing we specialize in is done by the use of a trolling motor, casting the banks and flats which consistently produces action. Targeting reds and sheepshead at low tide where they are easier to catch usually makes for long runs with reds and muscle testing fights with sheepshead. Later, as the tide moves in, the trout and flounder usually turn on, providing nonstop action. We will also anchor when we have the fish concentrated in one area which can produce great action. It’s not uncommon to catch large numbers, which can exceed 50 fish in one outing. The inshore grand slam comes very often and is one you will remember forever. We suggest that most of the time with small children is spent bottom fishing where the bite will keep the kids interested, they like a lot of action.

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing can be one of the most heart pounding experiences you will ever have. Those with a weak heart are urged not to choose this type of fishing. Large sharks ranging from sandbars and blacktips to bonnetheads are abound in the Charleston area and could keep you busy for some time. The memories of this trip are priceless.


Gigging in Charleston is an old Low-Country tradition and is a different method to catch fish. Flounder gigging has been around for many generations and is big fun, different and a very serene way to experience the Charleston waters. Our Captain uses traditional gigs, handlines, and light tackle fishing techniques targeting mainly flounder; but may also encounter, sheepshead, black drum and more. Gigging is done during nighttime hours primarily on the low-tide to maximize your catch.

  • Nearshore fishing consists of fishing some of the local artificial reefs and live bottom areas. We travel anywhere from 3 to 20 miles off of the shore line depending on the type of fish requested. During the winter months a trip nearshore can really help with the cabin fever. The action is normally nonstop and great to take kids on, just for the fact that they will stay busy. Our main target here is the sheepshead and black sea bass, but we do catch everything from little tunny’s to sharks and everything in between. A minimum of a 6 hour trip is required. This is a great trip to catch a lot of fish and have a lot of fun, but if you are looking to fill the freezer we suggest the deep sea trip where many more species can be caught and kept.
  • These charters generally run from January 1st through the end of April.

  • One offshore trip is the deep sea bottom fishing trip, which will take you from 20 to 50 miles out. When bottom fishing you can expect to catch red and vermillion snapper, large triggerfish, grouper, sea bass, amberjacks, porgy’s, sharks and we do catch the occasional dolphin (mahi-mahi) while bottom fishing. These trips can be a blast and will fill a cooler in no time with some of the best tasting fish you will ever eat, of course filling the cooler is up to the angler; the captain will put you on the fish but you have to catch them. The federal government regulates some of the species you can keep, please don’t hesitate to ask what is open and when they open.
  • Trolling for big game can be very successful, but is seasonal based on the fish migration patterns. You can catch good numbers of dolphin, king mackerel, tuna, wahoo and billfish. Our fleet is equipped with outriggers, downriggers and top of the line equipment from Shimano and Penn. Minimum of a 10 hour trip is required to fish for big game and is considered a private charter. A combination Big Game and bottom fishing trip is possible with advanced notice. This trip will take you 40-80 miles offshore, so the 12 hour trip is the most recommended. All of our offshore boats can accommodate this trip and the pricing varies according to the size of boat that you request, please call for all current rates.

Group Trips

Every year we get many groups of people that want to fish at the same time due to their groups events in the Charleston area. Working with Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Corporate functions or just large family trips; we are happy to take them all fishing and make memories to last. Our groups usually range from as little as six up to fifty passengers. We can provide all amenities that would be requested to make them the trips of a lifetime. We can offer inshore, offshore, or any of our charters on Our Trips page to all of our guests for their enjoyment. So, if some in the group wants to head offshore, and some fish inshore, while others want to do some dolphin watching or an eco-tour, we can accommodate everyone. We will work with the planners of these groups directly and can assist them in putting together a tournament within their group if they choose to do so. We ensure that all of our groups have an awesome time, regardless of which trips they want to do.The Reel Deal Charters is one of the oldest multiple boat guide companies in Charleston. Our friendly staff is available 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily to answer questions and handle your company and clients with the professionalism you deserve. Customer service is always our #1 priority for any and all of our customers.


The Charleston area has an abundance of blue crabs which makes great table fare and fun for the whole family. Lines are set with bait and pulled in by the kids or adults, then dipped up with a net and measured, providing hours of excitement and fun for all. Our boats can accommodate 6 passengers with no problem. There is normally a bucket or two of crabs to take home to cook to perfection. Bring something in your vehicle to take your catch home. The South Carolina state minimum size limits of 5” are strictly adhered to.

Dolphin Watching

Our captains will take you around the waterways where you can enjoy watching dolphins frolicking in the water. Please have a camera with a fast shutter speed if you plan to take pictures of the dolphins. They are very fast and sometimes sneaky, especially when they know that you have a camera. If you are lucky you may catch them in a feeding frenzy, which is like something that you would see on the Discovery Channel. The dolphins herd fish into one area, disorient them and then go in to feed on them. It is an awesome sight to see up close.

Eco Tours

Our captains will narrate while you sightsee and marvel over the abundant wildlife with historic Charleston in the background. You will be taken to an island where you can go shelling and see a lot of hermit crabs along with all of the other wildlife, up close and personal. You may even find a sharks tooth or two, while you enjoy the scenery and learn about the ocean, salt marsh, rivers, and how they all make up our great eco-system.

Shark Teeth

Sharks teeth hunting is done outside of the boat on the banks. Our staff will take you to some areas and teach you what to look for when hunting for sharks teeth. You are guaranteed to find some teeth, or at least we will find you some. This is a great outing for the kids and the memories will last forever when they look at the teeth they found. Leaving the boat is necessary, so be prepared to walk the beach or marsh area—bring some old shoes and bug spray. Teeth are plentiful so bring a ziplock bag or something to hold them while you are on your treasure hunt!

Sight Seeing

Our professional and courteous staff will make you feel at home with the southern hospitality you have come to love. Imagine cruising the Charleston area with your own personal tour guide. See Fort Sumter, The Battery, and the USS Yorktown up close. You will most likely see porpoises frolicking in the bay, alligators, pelicans feeding, Osprey and their nests, sea turtles and an occasional manatee or two. We have so much to offer for your viewing and picture taking pleasures.

The Charleston Harbor tour includes a complete guided tour of the harbor with some history and stories about all of the attractions. You will pass by the USS Yorktown, the new Cooper River Bridge, Shem Creek, and the Shrimping Fleet (stopping at one of the finest restaurants for lunch or dinner is also possible, please advise us at the time of booking), beautiful houses along the intercostals waterways, Fort Sumter, Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, the Battery/White Point Gardens; and you will most likely see schools of porpoises and a wide variety of birds native to the Charleston area. This tour may accommodate 6 passengers and will last approximately 2, 3, or 4 hours depending on your request. Time and costs will vary on how long you want to go for, and if there is a lunch or dinner request.


Wedding Parties:

  • Marriage ceremonies can be performed at sea or at a secluded location. You can choose from a standard service, a service with a Christian overtone, or you can custom tailor your own service. The ceremony is performed by a licensed U.S. Maritime Officer, which is also a notary to validate your marriage license. Photography can be provided at request. Music is welcomed.
  • Wedding’s can be arranged to arrive or depart from a variety of venue locations on the water. Grooms parties can arrive in style to their wedding venue on the water as long as there is an available dock nearby. Likewise, the newly married couple can depart from their wedding venue via water, have a beautiful ride through the harbor, while toasting to their special day. The new couple can arrive at one of our local marina based hotels for the start of their honeymoon.
  • Notary is on staff.

Celebrations of Life:

  • Celebrations of life on the water can be arranged. Many families like to release their loved ones cremains into the ocean. It can create a calm atmosphere for the deceased to be released in a place that they once loved. The ceremony can be whatever the family desires. Scriptures can be read by the captain, music can be played, and toasts can be made. Everything is done to give the family a memorable location to let their special person go where they desire.
  • The coordinate marking is provided to the customers for these special events. The latitude and longitude coordinates mark the exact spot that the event occurred. Jewelry can be custom made with the coordinates on it, and be worn as a reminder of that special place and day in your heart.